Disha Parmar Inked Mehendi Of Rahul Vaidya On Her Hands

Disha Parmar Mehendi News

Disha Parmar Mehendi: Considerable boss fame Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar’s love is in the news. Fans are very fond of this couple. Rahul and Disha met for the first time in Bigg Boss house. Since then, the closeness between the two is gradually increasing. Recently some pictures of Disha Parmar have become increasingly viral on social media. In these pictures, the henna of Disha Rahul’s name is seen. With the mehndi of Rahul’s name, it seems that how much Disha loves Rahul. At the same time, Rahul has also given his heart to the direction.

Disha Parmar Mehendi

During an interview recently, Rahul had said that he had given heart to the direction at first sight. As soon as he entered Bigg Boss house, he saw Disha for the first time, and then he realised that he is in love with Disha. At the same time, Disha has also been spotted with Rahul many times after the show. The pair of Rahul and Disha are also getting a lot of love from the fans. After the end of the show, Rahul and Disha were also seen in a wedding ceremony. During this time, Rahul went for very romantic songs for his girlfriend’s direction. Along with this, time was also blended with him.

Rahul wants to become the father of a daughter.

According to reports, Rahul and Disha can also get married soon. In an interview, Rahul said, “I want me to be an ideal husband and father of a daughter.” He said that he wants to have a daughter whom he can raise well. He said that he also wants to take special care of his wife and give her all the happiness of life.