Farah Khan Daughter Anya Donate 70000 Rs For Needy People

Farah Khan Daughter Anya

Farah Khan: Coronavirus is having an impact on the whole world. People’s jobs are going away. People are becoming homeless. India is also affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. The 24 April lockdown is in force in the country. Almost everything is closed in many states even before that. In such a situation, Bollywood celebs have come forward to help many people. Bollywood celebs have joined the campaign as well as Star Kids.

Farah Khan Daughter Anya

Anya Kundar, the daughter of filmmaker Farah Khan, is also trying to help such people. He earned around 70 thousand rupees by drawing sketches of animals in five days. He donated all this money to the needy people. Farah Khan has given this information by tweeting himself.

Farah Khan tweeted on Sunday and said- ‘My 12-year-old daughter Aanya has earned 70 thousand rupees in five days. One thousand rupees of every sketch, making sketches of your pat. I donated all the money to feed the needy. Thank you to all the kind people who ordered designs and given them to this work. ‘

It is worth noting that Bollywood celebs have come forward to help people in this crisis of coronavirus. Recently, actor Sonu Sood has started with the name ‘Shakti Annadanam.’ Through this, he will feed about 45 thousand people every day. At the same time, singer Shaan has also said to help the hungry people.

Anya Kundar, The Daughter Of Filmmaker Farah Khan, Is Also Trying To Help Such People. He Helped By Giving 70 Thousand Rupees.

They are crowdfunding to feed hungry people. At the same time, Salman Khan and Varun Dhawan are also making arrangements for people’s food. Salman is helping Bollywood’s daily wage workers. Apart from all this, many actors are also contributing through PM Care Fund.