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Aryan Khan: Kiran Gosavi Bodyguard Claims 18 Crore Deal was Heard


A new twist has come in the drugs-on-cruise case. On the day of his arrest, an unknown person took a selfie with Aryan Khan. The man was identified as Kiran Gosavi. After identification, he had fled. Now Prabhakar Cell, the bodyguard of Kiran Gosavi and the witness, in this case, says that he was forcibly signed on a blank paper by telling him the Panchnama paper. He did not know about this arrest. Prabhakar has prepared an affidavit in which he claims that he is a witness to the drama that happened after this cruise raid.

According to a report by Aaj Tak’s Kamlesh Sutar and Mustafa Sheikh, bodyguard Prabhakar Cell says that he was called to the NCB office after his arrest, where Kiran Gosavi gave him ten blank pages and asked him to sign. Prabhakar hesitated when Sameer Wankhede asked him in Marathi to sign immediately.

What’s in the Affidavit?

In the notarized affidavit, Prabhakar Cell stated that he used to work as a bodyguard with Kiran Gosavi. Was with Gosavi on the night of Raid on the cruise. That night he saw Gosavi meeting a man named Sam near the NCB office. Referring to the day of the incident in this affidavit, it has been said,


500 meters away from the NCB office, KP Gosavi met a man named Sam D’Souza. There was a conversation of about 5 minutes between the two. After this, both of them met again near the NCB office.

After this, Sam D’Souza came after us in his car. We stopped near Big Bazaar near Lower Parel Bridge and stayed at Sam’s mentioned place. By the time we reached Lower Parel, Gosavi had kept talking to Sam on the phone and said that you had placed a bomb of 25 crores; let’s finalize it at 18 because we have to give 8 crores to Sameer Wankhede too.

Prabhakar said

A few minutes later, a blue-coloured Mercedes stopped there, and I saw Pooja Dadlani come out of that car. Sam, Gosavi and Pooja Dadlani sat in the Mercedes, and a conversation started between them. Then we left after 15 minutes. I and KP reached the ministry.


Then Gosavi went for Vashi and told me to take the Innova car to the Tardeo signal near the Indiana hotel and collect Rs 50 lakh. I reached around 9:45 am, where a car came and gave me two bags full of money. I went to Vashi Gosavi’s house with this.

Prabhakar has said in the affidavit that he is feeling danger to his life. KP Gosavi is currently missing, and now I am afraid that NCB officials or others associated with it may not take my life or make me disappear like KP Gosavi.

While talking to India Today, Sameer Wankhede said that these allegations are sad, and he will give a befitting reply to Prabhakar’s claims.


Sameer Wankhede on target

Shiv Sena leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Raut has shared a video from his Twitter handle in which Kiran Gosavi is seen sitting with Aryan Khan. In the video, Kiran takes her phone to Aryan, and Aryan is saying something in it. It seems that the phone is on speaker, and he is getting Aryan to talk to someone.

Sanjay Raut says that it is shocking to get the witness in the Aryan Khan case to sign the blank page by NCB. Reports are saying that a lot of money was also demanded. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has already noted that this case has been made to tarnish the image of Maharashtra. Now it is proving to be true.

At the same time, NCP leader Nawab Malik again targeted Sameer Wankhede after this incident. Said that ever since Sameer Wankhede has come to NCB, he has been targeting the people of the film world from day one. They aim to defame the Maharashtra government.

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