Ibrahim Ali Khan, Brother Of Sara Ali Khan, Is Searching For His Lost Wife

Ibrahim Ali Khan TikTok Video

Ibrahim Ali Khan, the son of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh, is spending a lot of time on Tiktok and giving excellent output with every single video. Sara Ali Khan’s brother Ibrahim is showing his acting skills through the Ticketcock video, and seeing him. It seems that he is ready to enter Bollywood. In his recent video, he has a double role and acted amazingly in both parts. This video is so funny that you will not be able to live without laughing.

Ibrahim Ali Khan Video

In the video, Ibrahim plays the man in which he finds his wife. He saw in two roles. In one, he is seen in a white shirt, while in another hoodie jacket, glasses and a toothpick are giving hippie feel in the mouth. Both the characters were talking about their lost wife. The white-shirted man said that his wife is lovely, and the other said, ‘My wife will go to hell, seek you.’

In the video, Ibrahim Ali Khan saw acting while Saif Ali Khan’s image is visible. His acting style and mannerism also resemble Saif. If he sees his Tiktok videos, then it can be guessed that he will make a Bollywood debut soon.

Earlier, Sara Ali Khan shared a TikTok video in which she saw with her mother Amrita Singh and brother Ibrahim Ali Khan.

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