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Jeena Abhi Baaki Hai To Shed Light On Stories Of Five Women Bud


There is magic in the direction of Imtiaz Ali, the storyteller of Bollywood’s rarest films. They know very well whether to tell the story or live in it. Director Imtiaz Ali is coming up with a musical tale of the struggles of the lives of five women who ask them to make their existence free from every pain ‘Jeena Abhi Baaki Hai‘. Actress Divyanka Tripathi, Madhurima Tuli, Priya Malik, Rasha Kirmani and actor Vivek Dahiya play essential roles in this short story.

This short musical film will be of 8 minutes.

This 8-minute short musical film depicts women’s empowerment. Regarding this beautiful story, Imtiaz Ali said, “Jeena Abhi Baaki Hai was conceived in the darkest hours of the corona pandemic. The team has made an empathetic film. These stories touch our hearts and make us think.” How can we overcome these problems faced by women?

It is like a dream come true.

Talking about the project, director Varun Gupta said, “Last year during the uncertain times of the pandemic, Imtiaz sir sowed the seeds of Jeena Abhi Baki Hai in our minds. After much deliberation and deliberation, the idea came to me to show the difficulties women face in everyday life. I feel blessed that I also made my acting debut with this project. From working with Bachchan sahib to Imtiaz sir, it has been a dream come true for me.”


Five actresses were contacted.

Talking about the film’s casting, Varun says that Imtiaz sir wanted to experiment on many female heroines in the same movie in this short film. He said, “We approached five actors, and all of them believed in our story and vision, and they got hooked on it.”

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya will be seen together.

Divyanka Tripathi and her husband Vivek Dahiya are seen together for the first time in the film. Varun said, “I spoke to Divyanka over the phone, and I got the energy we wanted. The moment I met Divyanka, I felt that this was what the Universe was seeking. While casting for her husband’s character, before I could even ask Vivek, he immediately agreed to play the role as the essence of the story touched both.”

Priya Malik said this thing.

Actress Priya Malik says, “Varun called me one day and narrated the entire project. He didn’t tell me which character I wanted to play. The character I am playing in the film is a stage actress as I often recite poetry on stage; it came naturally to me.”


Because of this, she got killed.

In the film, Rasha Kirmani, cast opposite director Varun, actually had to get beaten up to make the scene look realistic. Because one had to depict severe domestic violence, she says, “He asked me to prepare for Anupriya’s story. It took me two minutes to get into the character as I was already listening to sad songs all day.”

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