Is Sonu Sood Even Getting People Married Now? Revealed on Twitter

Sonu Sood Marriage Sponsors

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been helping the countrymen since the time of lockdown. He first took the migrant labourers to their home, then took care of poor students’ education and now they are also providing treatment to the needy. The actor is constantly getting many messages for help. However, in the meantime, a message has come in which the person is requesting Sonu for use in getting married.

Is Sonu Sood getting married too?

One person asked the actor through Twitter – ‘Will you get married, sir?’ Sonu has also given a hilarious reply to this tweet. He wrote while replying – ‘Why not … I will also recite the mantra for marriage. Just take the trouble of finding a girl.

Sonu Sood’s Gift For The Unemployed

Sonu Sood, through his new initiative, has brought gifts for people looking for jobs. He has launched an app through which he will give the job to one lakh people. He has also said that he is also working to change the lives of 10 people in the coming five years. Sonu Sood has given this information on social media himself.

The actor has talked about the GoodWorker app in his tweet. He wrote that ‘New year, new hopes, new job opportunities …. and bring those opportunities closer to you, new us. Overseas employment is now a good worker. Download the GoodWorker app today and hope for a better tomorrow. ‘

He further shared a link to this app with this post. Along with this, he has written in the hashtag that – Now India Banega Kamaal (#AbIndiaBanegaKaamyaab), Good Worker (#GoodWorker), Getting Jobs Easy (#NaukriPaanaHuaAasaan).