Actor Nakuul Mehta Had to Undergo Surgery For His 2-Month-Old Son

Jankee Nakuul Son Surgery

TV serial ‘Ishqbaaz’ fame Nakuul Mehta and his wife Janaki Parekh have become the sons of son Sufi in February. Recently Janaki informed the fans through a social media post that Sufi had a problem like bilateral incisional hernia, for which he needed to undergo surgery. After all, Janaki told through an emotional note how did he prepare only two-month-old son Sufi for this surgery.

Jankee Nakuul Son

Janaki told through this note that when she came to know about the son’s surgery, she was unable to stop her tears, knowing that in the next three days, she has to prepare the son for the surgery, in which she will have 7 hours Have to be fed without milk because they will be given general anesthesia for surgery.

Janaki wrote the note.

She writes, “Three weeks ago; our little Sufi had a problem with bilateral incisional hernia. According to doctors, we had to have her surgery done as soon as possible. It is a general and safe surgery in Shishu, but The son would be given anesthesia at such a young age, which broke my heart thinking about it. ”


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Describing how Janaki prepared the son for the surgery, he said, “The day I got information about this, I was unable to stop myself from crying. On my next three nights, the son was taken for surgery. I put it in preparation. I was worried that at such a young age, four hours before the surgery. And after two hours without drinking anything, they would feel anesthetic.

By the day of the surgery, I would give them three o’clock in the night. She used to lift, feed, and make sure that she does not get up from sleep for the next four to four and a half hours. And if I get up, I do not have to feed them immediately. Surgery planning was going on in my mind, due to which the son’s body Sit down according to that process, he did not get up and did not cry for milk.

Also, I used to keep talking to him, saying that he would sleep till late that day, both of us would have to come out of it. He used to look at my face and listen to me carefully; maybe, I thought the same. ”

Details are given about the surgery.

The preparations that we had made them pass the exam have been successful. We can give the best gifts to our children by making them feel happy and fearless for the challenges that are going to come before them in life. ”


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Actor Nakuula Mehta reacted to this post of wife Janaki and is proud to be the father of son Sufi. He has described both his wife and Sufi as champions. Apart from this, many celebrities, including Suyyash Rai, Drishti Dhami, Anita Hasanandani, have commented on sending love and prayers.