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BTS: Jungkook was Nervous After Recording a Song With Chris Martin


Jungkook: Popular music band BTS and Coldplay have together released the track My Universe. The popularity of this track is everywhere. Now on Sunday, BTS has released a documentary titled Coldplay BTS My Universe Documentary. Through this, details have been given about his song My Universe, how this song is made. This video has been released on the YouTube channel of Pop Group.

It has been told that Chris Martin, lead singer of Cold Play, was approached by BTS 18 months before recording the song. After this, when the time came to record the song, Jungkook, a member of the BTS group, was terrified.

Jungkook was Nervous After Recording a Song

Chris says in the video, about 18 months ago, I got a message from someone that BTS wants to sing with you. I noted how, how can this work. I didn’t quite understand how it would happen. Chris further added that he again titled the song My Universe. After that, he started writing music.


Chris then went to South Korea for two days, took gifts for all the BTS members, and recorded the song there. RM, Jin, J Hope, Jimny, V and Jungkook recorded well with Chris. He was excited about this song.

Then V said, ‘We were making this song together, so Chris himself came here and recorded the song with us. I liked the theme.

During this, Chris motivated everyone a lot. When Jungkook came to the recording studio, he was terrified. He thought that he would spoil the song. Jungkook said it seemed like my debut. Chris Martin was supposed to direct my performance, and I was very nervous. I thought I would spoil everything.


Watch the video here watch the video.

Although Chris was very impressed with him, he told his translator that he told Jungkook, you have sung wonderfully.

Regarding the song’s lyrics, BTS leader RM told Chris that this song is very personal for him as he is upset about not performing in live concerts. RM said I thought about how this song will be related to BTS. As the song’s lyrics are, you are my universe; this song is dedicated to BTS Army. While writing its lyrics, I imagined our meeting with the army of BTS in my mind.

Let us tell you that the song of BTS and Coldplay was released on Friday. Before the song’s release, the members of both the groups met in New York and clicked the photos.

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