Kapil Sharma Told Who Is The First Guest Of Her Show After Lockdown

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The shooting of all TV shows has come to a standstill due to the lockdown. In such a situation, all the celebrities are in their respective homes and connected to the fans through social media. Kapil Sharma is also resting at home away from the shooting of The Kapil Show these days. Comedian Kapil posted a #AskKapil session on Twitter today, in which he was answering questions from fans. He is known for his sense of humor, in which Kapil answered the subjects of the people in a joking manner.

Kapil Sharma Replied These

Kapil Sharma asked by one of his fans who would be the first celebrity on his show after the lockdown. A fan named Shiva Bali sighed Kapil that he would have to make a special episode after the lockdown in which the doctors and the police came. Kapil Sharma responded by saying – I think so too. He is the true hero of this challenging time.

Kapil was asked by one of his fans that how did you lose weight for ‘Firangi,’ on which Kapil said – had worked very hard … have to be fit again now.

One of his fans asked Kapil Sharma that you make everyone laugh but who is the person who makes you laugh every day? In response, Kapil said – nowadays, his little daughter.

Kapil asked Arpit Tripathi, the fan asked – Baba’s look must have come from staying at home, has he, not Kapil Baba?

In response, Kapil said – Why brother? I am living in a house, not in a cave.

A Kapil fan asked what makes you kind, and Ginni would be happy to see you cook.

In response, Kapil said – I cook his mind, and he hates it.

A Kapil Sharma fan asked him who you would first meet after the lockdown opened. In response, Kapil said to the mother because he is in Punjab.

Kapil also performed in an entertaining style from poet Rahat Indore. See-

Kapil Sharma also made fun of the English of one of his fans –