Kartik Aaryan Selling Ice Cream! Price Of One Cup Is 2 Lakhs + GST

Kartik Aaryan Ice Cream Business

Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan sometimes shares funny videos with his pictures on social media. In the video, the actors themselves seen joking and many times they come in the discussion even with their post captions. This time he has announced from his Instagram that he is a seller of ice cream and he has also told the price of a cup in lakhs.

Kartik Aaryan Ice Cream

By the way, Kartik Aaryan is not starting the ice cream business forever. Whereas he has a special ice cream which he is about to sell. You may also be shocked by this information, but he has written on Instagram that he is a seller of ice cream and is saying the price of a scoop of this ice cream is 2 lakh rupees. Let us tell you that this ice cream is not from anyone else. But filmmaker Karan Johar has sent it to Kartik.

What Is The Matter

Kartik Aaryan has shared a video, in which a delivery boy is standing outside his house with a box. The delivery boy says that Karan sir has sent this box to him. The caption of this video shows that it contains ice cream because Kartin has praised this ice cream and asked to sell it.

Kartik Aaryan wrote in the caption – ‘I liked the ice cream at Karan Johar Palace … I am selling it with two lakh rupees (plus GST) per scoop. We also have Gucci and Balenciaga flavours. Booking is on. ‘ This video liked a lot now, and people love it. So far, this video has viewed nearly three and a half million times.