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Kriti Sanon Blasts Media and Calls Social Media ‘Fakest, Most Toxic’ Place

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Kriti Sanon is very angry with the attitude of media and fans. He has expressed his anger by writing long posts on Instagram. After Sushant’s death, Kriti did not immediately respond on social media due to which there were trolls for the last few days. For this reason, he spoke on social media.

Kriti Sanon Blasts Media

Kriti wrote, ‘It is extraordinary that the trolling and gossiping world suddenly wakes up and starts talking about your best when you are no longer in this world. Social media is the most toxic and poisonous place. And if you did not write anything publicly and did not post RIP, then it is understood that you are not sad, while in reality, these people are the most disturbing. It seems that social media is the real world, and real-world is being considered fake.


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There are a lot of thoughts crossing my mind.. A LOT! But for now this is all i wanna say!🙏🏻

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Questioning the media as well: Kriti, in her post, also questioned the media, writing, ‘Some media persons have completely lost their sensibility. At such a time, he expects you to comment and asks you to come live. How???’ To go to the funeral, click on the car door to speak a clear picture and do not speak down, Madam mirror. I request the media; funerals are personal. Do not come to such a place, and if you go, maintain a little dignity. Keep humanity above work. Amidst the glare, we are also ordinary people, and we too have some feelings like you. Do not forget this. ‘

Kriti said, ‘crying is not a weakness’: Kriti also spoke of fixing the dignity of journalism and demanded a complete ban of blind items.

Kriti further said, ‘We have to stop speaking these things that boys don’t cry, don’t cry like that, don’t cry and be healthy. Crying is not a sign of weakness. So if you cry then cry, you have to shout then shout. If you are not feeling well, then there is nothing wrong with this. You take your time and fix things. Talk to the family who loves you very much. He is your strength and will always be with you.

The Post Is Written For Sushant Two Days After His Death

Earlier, Kriti wrote a highly emotional post on social media on Tuesday, remembering Sushant. He had said, ‘A part of my heart has gone with you, Sushant. I wish you hadn’t distanced yourself from those who loved you. ‘

Kriti Sanon Post On Sushant Singh Rajput Death

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