Madhurima Tuli Will Enter In Bigg Boss House To Support Vishal

Madhurima Tuli Will Enter In Bigg Boss

His family and friends are coming to support Contestants this week in Bigg Boss 13. There was news that his ex-girlfriend Madhurima Tuli could call to support Vishal. When Madhurima talked about to enter the show, she flatly refuses. Talking to Spotboya, Madhurima said, “Whatever happens in Bigg Boss house, Vishal cannot be my family.”

Madhurima Tuli Will Re-Enter In Bigg Boss

Let us tell you that Madhurima took a wild card contestant entry in Big Boss 13. However, his journey at home did not last very long. Madhurima Tuli herself is also the reason for not traveling long. Actually, Madhurima and Vishal not made in the show at all. Most of the time there were fights between the two. But the fights escalated so much that both tried to harm each other. After which Salman drove Madhurima out of the house.

What Happened Between Vishal and Madhurima

The fight between the two often saw but Vishal threw water on Madhurima Tuli a few days ago. After this Madhurima lost her guard and attacked Vishal with a frying pan. Madhurima hits Vishal a lot with a fryingpan. For this reason, Salman made him homeless. Although this was not the first time that many contestants have been dismissed from the show in the past seasons, even before a contestant was thrown out to raise their hands. Madhurima Tuli

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