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Madhurima Vishal Crosses All Limits Of Fight Bigg Boss Will Punish


Television reality shows Bigg Boss 13 is not taking the name of ending drama. Salman Khan comes every weekend and tries to make him happy among all the contestants, but his words are also not affecting the contestants. Despite Salman’s persuasion last week, there was a fierce fight between Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya on the previous day, in which both of them treated each other with disrespect. Madhurima has also killed Vishal with a frying pan in this battle.

Madhurima Vishal Fight

As shown in the show in the past, Vishal and Madhurima have been arguing for the same things as usual. The two debated late in the night, in which they both spoke to each other. The fight continued in the morning of the following day. Both exceeded the limits of their talk. Vishal became so aggressive with the derogatory words uttered by Madhurima that he threw two loud glasses of water on Madhurima’s mouth.

Madhurima also lost her temper due to not being able to tolerate Vishal’s attitude. While washing the dishes in the huge kitchen area, Madhurima picked up the frypan and started hitting them with full force. Seeing this attitude of him, the rest of the family stopped him.


After seeing such a scuffle between the two, Bigg Boss has taken a tough stance. Bigg Boss told him in strong words, this is a behavior that cannot be tolerated in this house at all. Both are going to be punished by Bigg Boss considering them as punishment. After this step, you will have to see what decision Big Boss will take.

Madhurima Vishal has seen fighting with each other since the beginning of the show. Due to their behavior, Salman Khan also advised both of them to stay apart.

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