Mahira Sharma Mother Warns To Paras Chhabra Don’t Kiss My Daughter

Mahira Sharma Mother Warns Paras

This week will be Family Week in ‘ Bigg Boss 13’. This week, some contestants will bring home to the house. A promo of the upcoming episode has surfaced in which Aarti’s brother, famous comedian Krishna Abhishek, Mahira Sharma mother and Shahnaz’s father see coming into the house. During this time, while on the one side, the Contestants are looking emotional by looking at the family members, on the other side the family members are seen explaining them.

Mahira Sharma Mother

In the promo, Krishna is telling Aarti that she is very proud of her sister. At the same time, Mahira’s mother is giving warning to Paras Chhabra in gestures. It sees in the video that as soon as Mahira Sharma sees her mother in the house, she becomes emotional and starts hugging and crying. After this, Mahira’s mother goes to Paras and laughs and says ‘Paras main kill me?’. During this, Mahira’s mother also mentions Paras’ girlfriend Akanksha and says that ‘Your girlfriend Akanksha is very sweet. And Mahira is your friend, but now don’t kiss her’. Upon hearing the mother’s voice, Paras just smiles and shakes his head.

Let me tell you that Paras and Mahira Sharma are very good friends. But a few days ago, Paras kissed Mahira, whose video went viral. In this video, Paras’s girlfriend Aakanksha also reacted that such friends do not. The way the two live in the house, they do not seem to be friends. But they will talk to them after Paras comes out of the Big Boss.

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