Mahira Sharma Dances In Neha Kakkar Song Goa Beach On TikTok Video

Mahira Sharma TikTok Dance

The craze for making a TikTok video on Neha Kakkar’s song Goa Beach is on the rise, and it seems that it is more among the contestants of Bigg Boss 13. Recently, after Shahnaz Gill and Shefali Bagga, now Mahira Sharma danced to Neha Kakkar’s song Goa Beach. In this Tittock video, his partner and none was Neha Kakkar’s brother Tony Kakkar, who has also sung the song.

Mahira Sharma recently met Neha’s brother Tony and, while sharing the picture on her Instagram handle, wrote the caption, ‘Kya bata kya bata kya bata hai Tony Tony Kakkar.’

Mahira Sharma TikTok Video

Mahira Sharma wore a pastel green cold-shoulder dress and looked quite beautiful in it. She appeared posing with Tony. Both of them look at each other as if in love. In this video, Mahira and Tony saw dancing a little on the Goa beach. The song is a single by Sony whose title is Goa Beach. The video featured his sister Neha, Aditya Narayan, and he.

On seeing this video, some people praised, and some seen taunting. One user wrote, ‘Overacting all the time … just do acting sometimes.’ Another wrote, “What was this lizard found?”

Please tell that in Bigg Boss 13, Mahira Sharma played a long game but could not make it to the top 6 in the final. From the very beginning of this season of Mahira’s Bigg Boss, Paras Chhabra has blamed for being a dependent and his shadow. Many fans also said that without Paras Chhabra, Mahira is nothing in the game. But Salman Khan convinced them that if it were, then Mahira would not have come such a long way. Mahira Sharma recently came under controversy over the Dadasaheb Award.

In The TikTok Video, Neha’s Brother Tony Kakkar Was The Partner Of Mahira Who Danced To The Song Of Neha Kakkar. After That Netizen Starts Trolling.