Know What Malaika Arora Says If People Come To His House

Malaika Arora House

The corona epidemic has affected everyone’s lives. It has been one year since the lockdown came into force in India. Malaika Arora has told on social media in a funny tone that there have been changes in life since Corona.

Malaika Arora Said these

Malaika wrote on Instagram Story, “When people first came to my house, I used to tell them that there is no need to fear, our dog has got vaccinated. Now I mean those who do not worry. We have got vaccinated. ”

Sharing another story, Malaika Arora wrote, “I went to the bathroom of a restaurant. I opened the door with the elbow, I lifted the toilet seat by foot, I used water with the help of tissue, washed my hands and then closed the bathroom door with the elbow, and when I returned to the table, I realised that I had forgotten to put on the pants. Am. ”

Let me tell you that Malaika Karona became positive last year. Arjun Kapoor’s corona test of boyfriend also came positive with him. Malaika Arora had to quit shooting for the reality TV show due to Corona being infected.

Significantly, Malaika is very active on social media. She regularly puts her photos and videos on social media.