Meri Maa Song On Sonu Sood Helps Migrant Workers And Labors

Meri Maa Song On Sonu Sood Video

A song is now ready for the commendable efforts of actor Sonu Sood who has involved in transporting migrant labourers to their homes by buses, trains, and planes for the last two months.

In this song titled ‘Meri Maa,’ the pain of the migrant labourers trapped in the lockdown is depicted as an impatient mother waiting impatiently for her son. This song is sung and composed by Rahul Jain, while Vandana Khandelwal has written this song.

When Spot News 18 contacted Sonu Sood about this song dedicated to himself, Sonu said, “It is a great honour for me to dedicate a song to someone about my efforts in my mind, I thought. I would like to thank Rahul Jain for this. I have heard the song, and when you hear and see this song, you will have tears in your eyes. It is a very fantastic song. It shows how A mother is eagerly waiting for the struggling son to return home. This song has the story of that mother. I think that every mother, every son, will be able to relate himself to this song. ”

Watch The New Song on Sonu Sood Here

Like the real-life hero of Sonu Sood in this video, the highlights of the migrant labourers considering their pain also included.

Significantly, in this song, Sonu Sood’s voice will also be heard about the pain of overseas Indians. How did the idea of ​​giving voice for this song come about? On this question, Sonu Sood told Spot News 18, “People can relate how I am trying to match the mothers with their sons. In such a situation, I have also said a few lines. When you listen, You will be able to understand the pain arising from the relationship and distance between mother and son. I also love my mother very much. After listening to this song, every son will have tears in his eyes. ”

Singer and Composer of Yeh Bole Song

Meanwhile, ‘Meri Maa’ singer and composer Rahul Jain told Spot News 18 that he was very impressed with Sonu Sood’s work, and when this song came to him, he was very excited about it. He said, “While composing the song, we realized that Sonu Sood Sood’s voice should include somewhere in this song. That’s why we have used Sonu’s voice in two places in the song through poetry. The song has become more active. “