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Swayamvar: Mika Singh To Search For His Bride On National Television!


Mika Singh Swayamvar: Rakhi Sawant, Ratan Rajput, Rahul Mahajan and Mallika Sherawat created swayamvar on national television. All of them had chosen their partner through the show. However, their relationship lasted only a short time. One more name will be added to this list: singer Mika Singh. According to media reports, Mika will search for his partner in the reality show.

People like Mika Singh’s songs a lot, and he often remains in the headlines for his statements. The source informed the Times of India that the reality show would be similar to the Swayamvars of the past. It is planned to air in a few months. Mika will not get married in the front; he will only get engaged and take their relationship forward.

Mika Singh Swayamvar Show.

As per a source, “Mika is excited to be a part of the show. The contestants participating in the show will be from all over the country. Let us tell you that Ratan Rajput, Rakhi Sawant, Mallika Sherawat did not marry the partner chosen by them in the show. The relationship of none of the three did not last long.


Marriage of Rahul Mahajan

Rahul Mahajan got married in the show Rahul Dulhania Le Jayega. He married 25-year-old Bengali model Dimpy Ganguly in 2010, and their relationship lasted for about four years. Both got divorced in 2015. At the same time, Mallika Sherawat chose Vijay Singh in her reality show, The Bachelorette India, Mere Khayon Ki Malika. But within a year, everything ended between the two.

Mika Singh in The Kapil Show

Last month, Mika Singh was seen in The Kapil Sharma Show. Sunny Leone was also with him in the show. During this, Kapil Sharma had asked Sunny about Mika’s marriage when will Mika Singh got married. On this, the actress had said, next year.

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