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Monkey Hosting Flag on School Terrace Video Viral on Social Media


Monkey Hoist the Flag Video: Monkey is one such creature which is known for its jumping. Many times, seeing the strange behavior of this creature, it becomes the day of the users. This is the reason why its videos are covered as soon as they come on the Internet. In recent times, a similar video of a monkey has surfaced. Seeing whom you will also say that a monkey may be an animal but he knows everything.

This video was shot in the school. Where two monkeys climbing on the roof are trying to hoist a flag. When the flag does not open at once. After this the monkey himself climbs up a bit and hoists it up. After which it starts raining flowers.

Monkey Hoist the Flag Video


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In the video you can see that two monkeys are standing on the roof of a school and both try to hoist the flag together. As soon as he pulls the rope, the flag does not open properly. After which the monkey climbs up and opens the flag properly. After which it starts raining flowers and then the monkey also realizes that he has hoisted the flag in the right way.


People are liking this video a lot on social media. Due to which many users made funny comments on it. One user said that despite being an animal, the monkey knows how to hoist the flag properly. On the other hand, another user said that humans need to learn from this…! Apart from this, many more users made this funny comment. For your information, let us tell you that this funny video has been shared on Instagram on a page named Gidda. Which has got more than four thousand likes till the time of writing this news.

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