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Neha Kakkar Reveal How One Can Win Indian Singing Reality Shows


Neha Kakkar is a popular and hit singer of this industry. Neha has given many hit songs in this industry as well as she has made many records with her songs. Neha recently shared a video for her fans in which she has answered the questions related to the music of the fans.

At the same time, the third question is asked to Neha that how to become the winner of the reality show? To this Neha replies, ‘You have to work very hard and give your best in your first round because if you give your best in the first round only then you will reach the second round. One more thing I would like to tell you that if you think that your story will take you to the show, then it is not so. You have to show your talent only then you will be taken.

Neha Kakkar on How One Can Win Singing Show

Neha also answered 2 more questions, one of which was, how to fix your voice? Neha replied, ‘Riyaaz and practice as much as you can because practice only makes you better. Though speak less, don’t shout too much.


The third question was- How to make a career in Bollywood as a singer? Take part in a singing reality show. I did the same or show my talent in any platform. Showing talent is very important

Sharing this video, Neha wrote, ‘I am very happy whatever love you have given on my course. I know you will have many questions in your mind so I thought why not make a question answer video. Hope these answers of mine clear all your doubts. Love you all.’

Watch video here watch video here


In the discussion about the news of pregnancy

For a few days, Neha is in a lot of headlines about the news of her pregnancy. Actually, Neha Kakkar was missing from the Indian Idol 12 show for a long time. She was seen as a judge in this show, but for some time she was not seen in this show. In place of Neha, her sister Sonu Kakkar had come on the show. On the other hand, whenever Neha was spotted in a public place, seeing her, the fans have speculated about her pregnancy.

Entertaining fans with singles

Although Neha is taking out her singles. She is also promoting her songs a lot through social media. A few days ago, his song Dil Ko Karar Aaya has been released which was well-liked.

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