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Is Nishant Bhat A Strong Contender For Bigg Boss 15 Trophy?


Bigg Boss 15 Finale: Bigg Boss 15 starts on Saturday. After a long time, this show is now moving towards its end. While there was a lot of controversy and ruckus in this show, like every time, the contestants who travelled till the final also made a place in the audience’s hearts.

Rashmi Desai, a strong contender for victory, was out of the show at the end. After this, there are now five contestants ( Bigg Boss 15 Finalists ) who will bet for this trophy. A strong contender among them is Nishant Bhat.) are also there. Nishant is a dance choreographer. As soon as he came from the beginning, he remained unique and different because of his playing.

Even though people may not expect him to reach the final, he has strengthened his claim with his best game. In today’s finale, Nishant Bhat will be a problem for the rest of the contestants. Let us tell you why Nishant can win the finale of Bigg Boss 15.


Nishant has emerged as the mastermind in this show.


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Nishant Bhat is one such participant who was not very popular with the face, but he has a lot of popularity with work. He is a well-known choreographer. Nishant proved during this entire Bigg Boss 15 that he knows how to play this game differently from name and fame. When he took entry in Bigg Boss 15, many people did not recognize him, but when his game started and kept everyone around him with his game style and trickery, the audience got attention.

Before this, Bigg Boss was part of OTT.

Talk about Nishant; he participated in Bigg Boss OTT before Bigg Boss 15. There Nishant gave an excellent performance and became the first runner-up of those shows. Seeing his game in Bigg Boss OTT, he was called for Bigg Boss 15.

In the beginning, even though people may think that this Nishant is not a contender for victory, now that he has confirmed a place in the final, then it seems that he is a strong contender for victory. Nishant has become more popular after coming to Bigg Boss. He is constantly getting offers from many reality shows.


Because of these reasons, Nishant is a contender for victory.


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Nishant is considered a strong contender for victory because he has emerged as the most significant player of this game. The live audience who joined Bigg Boss 15 gave Nishant the title of entertainer number one during the voting. As told, Nishant has also been a part of Bigg Boss OTT before this.

That’s why he has the experience of this game, because of which he has reached here. This show is not over yet, but Nishant has already started getting offers from reality shows. If reports are believed, Nishant can be seen in Colors TV’s show Dance Deewane. There is no official announcement yet; Spot News 18 does not confirm it.

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