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Nusrat Jahan and Husband Nikhil Latest News and Updates

Many types of news are going on on social media regarding the pregnancy of Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP and social media sensation Nusrat Jahan. Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen has written a lengthy Facebook post regarding this. Yo post is in Bangla. In this post, Taslima Nasreen has written about Nusrat Jahan’s pregnancy, estrangement in her relationship with her husband and her extra-marital affair.

Taslima Nasreen wrote in her post, “The news of Nusrat Jahan is attention-grabbing. She is pregnant. Her husband, Nikhil, does not know about it. Both are separated for the last six months. However, Nusrat is in love with actor Yash. People are speculating that Yash is the father of Nusrat’s baby. I don’t know if this is actual news or rumour. But if it happens, then it will be better for Nikhil and Nusrat to get divorced? “

Was happy on marriage

Taslima Nasreen further wrote, “When Nikhil and Nusrat got married. I was thrilled. Like I was happy when Sreejit and Mithila got married. Because I believe in secularism, when people of two different religions get married, so naturally, I feel happy. But who knows these couples haven’t been happy for a long time.”

Self-reliant and self-confident

Taslima Nasreen further wrote, “That day I saw Nusrat in Bratya’s picture for the first time. This girl looked exactly like Angelina Jolie; she does acting very well too. She is full of confidence and independence. If you are self-reliant and aware and have enough self-confidence and self-esteem, you can be the guardian of your child. One can raise their child in their own identity.”

Will Nusrat Jahan get married again?

Taslima Nasreen further wrote, “There is no need to depend on men. What is the difference between Nikhil and Yash! Men are men, after all. What is the pleasure of leaving one and marrying the other? What to avoid in another toxic life? Do you have to get married again? Then this race won’t end; even the desired man doesn’t match. The desired man of a free woman lives in imagination, not in reality.”

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