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Nusrat Jahan and Yash Dasgupta Marriage Confirmed!


TMC MP and Bengali film actress Nusrat Jahan has now openly announced to the world that she and actor Yash Dasgupta have secretly married. Nusrat once again did something that confirmed to the fans that the actress is married.

In fact, Nusrat Jahan on Friday shared a picture on the occasion of Vijayadashami and in it she was seen wearing the Shakha Pola worn by married Bengali women. Nusrat was wishing her fans on this occasion through a post on Instagram.

Sharing the picture, Nusrat wrote, ‘Shubho Bojoya’ Preeti Shubecha O congratulations. During this, she is seen in a white and red sari, with a red bindi on her forehead and red and white bangles in her wrist.



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Nusrat and Yash had earlier shared pictures from a Navratri and Durga Puja pandal. In one of the pictures, Nusrat was seen sitting on Yash’s lap. People shared this photo a lot on social media.


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Nusrat is yet to announce her marriage with her partner Yash Dasgupta. However, he has given hints about tying the knot with her. The actress gave birth to a child in the month of August, whom she named Yashan.


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Last night celebrating Yash’s birthday, Nushrat shared a picture of a cake. On which ‘Husband’ and ‘Father’ were written. She also shared a cute photo with Yash on her Instagram stories. People felt that Nusrat has given this message to the fans who repeatedly question her about the father of the child and her relationship with Yash Dasgupta.

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