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Scooty slipped once or twice in Phulera, got hurt, said Panchayat’s Rinki


After watching the first season of Panchayat, the biggest reason for waiting for its second season was Rinki, the daughter of Pradhan. This is because in the first season, there was only a glimpse of Rinki, and with this, the season ended. Not only did Rinki appear in the second season, but her character was given a lot of notice. Her simple character Neena Gupta managed to make her place among the stalwarts like Raghubir Yadav, and now she is also being awarded titles like National Crush.

Sanvika has played the role of Rinki. Saanvika is very happy with the response to her character. She had not thought that people would get so much love. It was not so easy to find him on social media. Still, people are sending long messages after searching. Sanvika says that in most news, people are saying that you have a national crush, you are very simple, innocent, you have changed the definition of a heroine, I want a wife, daughter-in-law like you. Many are writing long letters in the form of messages.


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On the shooting experience, Saanvika said that Raghubir Sir used to have the most fun on the set. Despite being so senior, he has a childishness inside him. They used to sing songs on the stages and make everyone laugh; the other Prahlad Cha (Faisal Malik) was also very sweet. I had to drive scooty in one scene. At first, it was decided that my friend would go, but she did not know. I was given the responsibility of driving the scooter.


There was no road there; I drove scooty on the crooked streets. In such a situation, it slipped once or twice. Well, it didn’t hurt much. I was very nervous during the shoot. People’s expectations about Rinki were very high. The second thing was working with Neenaji and Raghubir, sir. I put myself under a lot of pressure. But he treated me like family and supported me a lot. It made me feel comfortable, because of which my confidence gradually increased.

To do such a role, I can show the family.

Sanvika came for a short time in season one. She did not even expect whether his character would be there or not. She says that anything can happen on the edit table. Then in the second season, when I was introduced to my character, I was thrilled. I had to start my career with similar roles in my career. I wanted a feeling that I could show to my family. The family is pleased with the role of Rinki and now supports me more.

Panchayat 2 Sanvika
Panchayat 2 Sanvika

Sanvika, who has been struggling to act in Mumbai for the last six years, was fired due to a lack of followers on Instagram and has also faced a lot of rejections. The audition was often cracked, but they were refused to cast since there are no excellent followers on Instagram. She says that nowadays, the demand of casting directors is that it is necessary to have followers. I consider this a very wrong trend. You judge acting based on acting and not on Instagram followers. Significant roles were not available and replaced because there are no followers on Instagram.


Recalling her past days, she says that I knocked door to door for the audition. I often say that girls my age were sitting, but they used to misfit after seeing me. Many times I was not even allowed to enter the audition room. He wanted up-market girls in ads. I stayed in a small town, so maybe that reflected on my face. When I auditioned for Panchayat, there was no expectation that I would be selected. I thought some lovely girl would go. But I am thankful to the makers.

Panchayat 2 Actress Sanvika
Panchayat 2 Actress Sanvika

Rinki’s character was without makeup.

Rinki’s character had no makeup at all. Deepak sir had already said that we don’t need makeup for Rinki. If you used to apply even a little base or makeup, Dada gave light touch-ups; she used to get them all removed. She said that if she is a village girl, she should look like a village girl. My pimples have also been seen in many scenes; this is proof that makeup was not done.

I thought that maybe I would make my face makeup by editing post-shooting. He didn’t do that. I was terrified; I had no idea how people would see me. Somewhere I will not be stereotyped. Whether people would like me without makeup or not, it was my tension because simplicity is not valued in our industry. Here you have to be flashy and glam. You must be in modern dress.


Sanvika also tells how much life has changed after the Panchayat. The minor roles that used to have been closed. She started his acting career with Yash Raj’s film Qaidi Band where she became a journalist. After that, she was offered cider rolls for corporate looks. I also worked for a couple of days on some web shows. She says that she also did many such things, which she did not even see. Living in a city like Mumbai becomes a compulsion to do such minor roles.

Panchayat 2 Sanvika Story
Panchayat 2 Sanvika Story

The family members always asked whether the son got work? He was always hoping that my daughter would get work, and when would she be seen in the show? I went into guilt at one point by lying to him. In such a situation, talking to the parents started avoiding. She used to call him every four-five days. I could not understand what to answer the parents. How can I tell that getting the project here is a big struggle? How many blows do you have to take? How many rejections are there? I just used to tell them that yes, the work is going well. I did not want to tell my pain to my family.

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