Rajat Sharma Interrogate Salman Khan In Aap Ki Adalat Asked Questions

Rajat Sharma Aap Ki Adalat

Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan, the host of ‘Bigg Boss 13’. Who will put everyone in the box of questions, will stand himself in the box of questions today. Just like Salman Khan has sharp questions from all the contests, today the question will ask from him as well and he will have to answer every question. But these questions will not contest by him but a renowned journalist Rajat Sharma.

Rajat Sharma In Bi

A promo of today’s episode has surfaced in which Salman is asking journalist Salman that you told Asim that Himanshi’s engagement was broken because of him after this the journalist asked if you gave a warning to Siddharth to stay away from Shehnaaz. Don’t you want to have someone’s relationship here? In response to this question, Salman said that ‘Yes, because they are not having a relationship. They are not allowing anyone to be here’. However, all these questions and answers are in fun. Rajat Sharma.

Shilpa Shetty Changed The Atmosphere

Saturday was a mixed day for Bigg Boss 13 contestants. While Shilpa Shetty came as a guest in the house, she had fun with the family members. On the other hand, she also made the family a little emotional. The actress did a variety of tasks from the contestants. First, he got all the family to do yoga, after that he asked his best and worst memory in the house. While telling his memoirs, the householder looked a little emotional. After this, they gave a task in which the families had to gift each other their belongings.

Rajat Sharma Interrogate Salman Khan In Aap Ki Adalat Asked Questions About SidNaaz And Asim Himanshi Watch Video. Rajat Sharma Asked These Questions.

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