Rashami Desai Open Up About Her Relationship With Arhaan Khan

Rashami Desai open up about her relationship with Arhaan Khan

Rashami Desai: There are many contestants in ‘Bigg Boss 13’ who have been in discussion since the beginning about their relationship. A lot of turmoil has also seen in the house regarding their relationship. At the same time, the show’s seven contestants will see with the media for the first time. Where he answered many questions asked by the media.

Rashami Desai Opens Up

During this conversation, Rashami Desai spoke openly about her relationship with Arhan Khan. Let me tell you that after the episode of ‘Bigg Boss’ was over on February 3, a promo was shown in which he told the media about the breakup with Arhan. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

The grand finale of ‘Bigg Boss 13’ is on 15 February. Seeing the TRP of the show increasing, the makers pushed the show forward. At the same time, 7 contestants of the show came to the media for the first time. The video of the conversation of the contestants with the media is becoming increasingly vital. In this video, Rashami Desai asked about the future of her and Arhan’s relationship.

Everyone shocked to hear what Rashami Desai said in response. It sees in the promo video that a journalist asked Rashmi Desai – ‘What is your relationship status right now?’ In response, Rashmi said, ‘I want to say in very clear words. I do not think we will be together in the future. No means not enough

In the same video, it is further shown that the journalist further told Rashmi – ‘Means you are single now and ready to mingle’. Rashami Desai did not say anything about this. After this, the journalist says, “There is also Siddhartha here who is ready to mingle”. After this, Siddharth saw saying – ‘Right here, but if she says anything else then something else will happen.’