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Actress Richa Chadha Is Helping Hungry People, Appeals To People Too

India is fighting a war against the Coronavirus. In this fight, who is getting help, he is doing it. Bollywood too is not far behind in this matter. After all the celebs including Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar, Richa Chadha has also come forward to help people. She is delivering food to the needy through a gurdwara. He has also appealed to his fans to do the same.

Actress Richa Chadha Is Helping

Richa Chadha has also shared a post about this. Richa says, “When I contacted the people of the gurdwara, they said that they would only take ration.” Will not take money. I went to the nearest grocery store that could buy, which was very little, like 10-20 kg. But now I understand that they need at least 250 kg ration daily. Therefore, I am looking for a big wholesale shop where large quantities of pulses and quota can take. Richa also sought help for this.

At the same time, encouraging his fans to help people too, Richa Chadha wrote, ‘If you can help one person or one family in this time, then it is quite right. How can people say that it makes a difference? These are just one person. But it makes a difference to that person because that person is no longer hungry. We should be kind to each other at this time. ‘

It is worth noting that earlier a video of Richa Chadha boyfriend Mirzapur fame Ali Fazal revealed. In which he went out to help people by wearing Batman’s mask. He also arranged for some hungry people to eat. Apart from this, celebs like Varun Dhawan, Hrithik Roshan, Shahrukh Khan and Shaan are also helping the hungry people at this time. At the same time, Sonu Sood is working to deliver food to about 40 thousand people daily.

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