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7 Risky Stunts Of Akshay Kumar That Made You Scream


Risky Stunts of Akshay Kumar: There is a brother in the film industry. The rest of the stars go on chat shows to promote their films. They also do something else. In the name of film promotion, they enter from one building to another. That too from the window. Going to the college fest, then swinging in the balcony. If you want to announce your first web series, then you set yourself on fire. Perhaps that is why he is called Khiladi Kumar of the Hindi film industry.

7 Risky Stunts Of Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar The End
Akshay announced his web series ‘The End’ coming on Amazon Prime like this.

We are talking about Akshay Kumar. That Akshay Kumar, who made him famous before his comedic timing, his action scenes. His memorable and risky stunts. We have selected some of his films. Those films, where after watching Akshay’s stunts, idioms like ‘tooth tale finger’, ‘mouth open’ got shortened.


Rohit Shetty’s Cop Universe film ‘Sooryavanshi’ is now coming after many delays due to the Corona Pandemic. on November 05. In the trailer of the film, Akshay Kumar is seen riding a bike. He is seen hanging from the helicopter. Akshay has done these stunts himself. Without the help of any green screen or graphics. The director of the film, Rohit Shetty, shared an anecdote related to the helicopter stunt.

Akshay Kumar Sooryavanshi Stunt
It was to be cut here, but the helicopter took off Akshay without stopping.

In one scene of the film, Akshay had to hang on a helicopter while riding his bike. Rohit had planned that Akshay would turn from his motorcycle on the helicopter. The helicopter will go up a bit, and after that, the shot will be cut. So that for the next scene, Akshay is tied with a harness cable.

T’s time to shoot. Akshay was hanged from the helicopter, but the scene was not cut. An inverted helicopter flew ahead. And Akshay Kumar kept turning from her. Without any cables or supports. Rohit didn’t understand what was going on. Later it was revealed that Akshay had already spoken quietly to the pilot. And he had refused to tell the scheme out loud to everyone.


Mahesh Bhatt’s film Angare, which came in 1998, is one of Akshay’s lesser-known films. But Akshay Kumar remembers the stunt done here. And that, too, was one of his worst experiences. Akshay Kumar was told that he had to jump from one building to another. The use of cables etc. was also not familiar in that era.

Akshay Kumar Worst Stunts
Akshay considers this his worst stunt.

So Akshay had to do it himself. Without any help. Jump from one building to another, and the vehicles will continue to run on the road below—little mistake and danger to life. Akshay took half a day. To decide whether he will be able to do this stunt or not.

Akshay told in one of his interviews that he counts this stunt as one of his worst stunts. But still, the enthusiasm for doing action scenes did not diminish.

Singh is King

Despite being a comedy-drama, Akshay Kumar left no stone unturned in the action of the film. A significant portion of the film was shot abroad, where Akshay climbs an 80-floor building to maintain his fitness. That too, only from the stairs. Akshay has another stunt from the film itself. Whose Mention will be found everywhere on the Internet? Where Akshay jumps from one elevator top to the top of another. This jump he did was about 110 feet above the ground. That too without any harness.

Akshay Kumar Jump From 110 Feet
Jump at the height of 110 feet, that too without any cables.

In another scene of the film, Akshay had to jet ski. The problem here was that Akshay needed a license to jet ski. For which it takes at least three days. But Akshay did not have that much time. That’s why he got the permit which was given in three days in just 12 hours. Woke up at six in the morning and finished all his tests by seven in the same evening. Danny Baldwin directed the action scenes in the film. Who has previously assisted actors like Tom Cruise and Michael Douglas?


This was the most dangerous stunt. I could have lost my life too.

Akshay Kumar had to do underwater action in the film. That, too, in about 150 feet in the water. Akshay said that according to the script, he did not have an oxygen mask or glasses. So it was tough to shoot this scene. Without glasses, he could not see anything in the water. Everything blurry. There were also sharks nearby from above. The film crew was trying to keep the sharks away with the help of dead fish.

Akshay Kumar Stunt in Water
After measuring the height of the sky, measure the depth of the water.

According to media reports, Akshay was hurt by a shipwreck in a scene during an underwater shoot. His blood started flowing. Shoot in the territory of sharks. He was bleeding from above. Both are danger signs. Akshay Kumar was pulled out of the water with immediate effect.


Khiladi 420

A plane is flying several thousand feet above the ground. When viewed from a distance, something is visible above the plane. Who is not a bird, not a Superman, but a human? Who is standing directly above the plane? This scene was from the movie ‘Khiladi 420’. The title of the film is Khiladi. No need to tell who was the person standing on top of the plane. Staying on an aircraft amid high wind is not an easy task.

It is a different matter that cables supported Akshay. This scene does not end with just this. A hot air balloon is flying under the plane. Akshay has to jump on it. To catch the villain. You can see that stunt of Akshay below.

Akshay jumped on the balloon from the plane. With only one parachute. So that in case of any mistake, it can be opened. But there was never a chance to open the parachute. Because Akshay Kumar shot the whole scene in a single take, his stunt is considered the most dangerous stunt of his career. It is said that after giving take, Akshay saw his scene. And he was very disappointed with the cinematography of the film. According to him, the cinematographer shot in such a way that his face was not visible.


In Hindi films of the Nineties, the scope of action scenes mainly was kept for the hero’s entry or climax. Directed by Keshu Ramsay, ‘Ashant’ saved his most memorable setting for the finish. Where Akshay Kumar is fighting with Puneet Issar, who became a villain in the film. Just then, a helicopter comes and takes Puneet away.

Akshay Kumar Train Stunt
A small mistake could have resulted in a significant accident.

In an attempt to catch the helicopter, Akshay swings from the rope hanging from it. While talking on the scene, Puneet told in an interview with Indian Express that both the actors did their stunts. Akshay was given a safety harness while hanging from the helicopter.

According to the script, Puneet’s character had to keep turning the helicopter. So that Akshay collides with the vehicles and buses running on the road. Hanging from the helicopter, Akshay Kumar used his legs. To walk on the cars and buses running on the road. Puneet explains that even if Akshay’s foot got stuck in a glass pan by mistake, it could have become a problem for everyone’s life.

8×10 Tasveer

Nagesh Kukunoor, who has made films like ‘Iqbal’ and ‘Dor’, made his first action film. ‘8×10 Tasveer’. But the difficulties faced by the first action film were made accessible by Akshay. Nagesh himself told this. The film had some fantastic action sequences. In one of which, Akshay had to come running from a distance. And then had to jump off the hill and jump into the deep water. The height of this hill was about 160 feet. There were some rehearsals for the scene with Akshay’s duplicate. But during the shoot, Akshay Kumar refused to use his body double.

Akshay Kumar Body Double Stunt
The rehearsal was done by Body Double; Akshay did the stunt.

Akshay himself ran but also jumped in the water. All this is done in a single take. Everyone kept watching on the set. But Akshay’s reaction was as if it was routine work.

Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi

The film where Akshay fought with the Undertaker who spoke ‘Panga, Panga’. Whose big selling point was The Undertaker. They were not the Undertaker of WWF but a wrestler named Brian Lee. In the scene of the film, Akshay had to confront Brian. Where he had to raise Brian. The location was shot neatly. But still, while picking up Brian, Akshay got injured in the back. After which, he was taken to the doctor. The doctor advised him to bed rest. Bed rest because Akshay Kumar had slipped disc.

Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi Stunt
The film because of which Akshay can never have six-pack abs.

A slipped disc is usually caused by lifting heavyweights. Due to the injury in the film, Akshay can never do weight training. This is the reason why you may not have seen him having six-pack abs.


Whether chasing a villain by hanging from a helicopter or jumping off a tall building, Akshay acts as if everything is an easy thing. That is why he cannot be called the Tom Cruise of India. Instead, he is simply Akshay here. What he will do in ‘Sooryavanshi’ will be known on November 05, when the film will be released in theatres.

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