Rosemond Brown Posted Nude Photo With Son Went To 3 Months Jail

Rosemond Brown Posted Nude Photo with Son

According to the latest reports, Rosemond Brown, a Ghanaian actress, posted a nude photo last year with her seven-year-old son. He found it very expensive to post this photo on social media. The actress was jailed for three months, but now she has been given bail by the court of Rajdhani Accra. In the year 2020, the actress posted a photo on the son’s birthday, holding his hand and squatting.

Rosemond Brown Posted Nude Photo Viral

In this, the actress covered her body with hair and the son was wearing only underwear. After this photo, there was a panic in Ghana. People started raising many questions about the image of the actress and her son, after which Polo (Rosemond Brown) deleted it and wrote an apology.

The judge said this while raising the question, did Judge Christiana Cain ask that she had taken her son’s will before posting such a photo? Did they follow the rights of the child? No, they did not. They should be punished severely.


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It is known that polo is very active on social media. She often posts photos with her son. She also posts pictures with rapper Cardi B, whom she met in the year 2019. The nude photo of Polo’s son became increasingly viral on the Internet, after which people had also raised the matter of sending him to jail.

Cardi B

Cardi B, who came in support of the actress, tweeted supporting the actress. He wrote, “I have seen many Americans doing these types of photoshoots. It is not my style, but I think it clicks this photo as a realistic idea, not sex. I think the gel is a bit. It would be a dangerous decision. Maybe social media probation or community service is a better way to punish them, no? “