After Sushant’s Death, Sahil Khan Targeted Salman Khan Wrote These

Sahil Khan Targeted Salman Khan on Shushant Death

The 2001 film ‘Style’ won the hearts of the audience. Actor Sahil Khan had entered Bollywood with this film. He got a lot of fame from the first film, but he did not appear in many films. It was only after the first film that the actor got a spot in the cover of Popular magazine alongside Shah Rukh and Salman. Now after the death of Sushant, many people in the industry are facing charges of running a camp and nepotism, Sahil has also told the popular populist of the industry the reason for not getting films.

Sahil Khan Targeted Salman Khan

After Sushant’s death, Sahil targeted Salman Khan, writing, ‘It happens in life with very few people that on the cover of India’s top film magazine after her first film Style, two of India’s biggest superstars Be with But one of those superstars felt very bad. While I was new, his fan was weak.

Without revealing the name, Sahil wrote, ‘Then he kept calling me for the side role many times, even calling for TV shows. And then got me fired from several films. The name is big, and the philosophy is small. Guess who it is. I don’t care because Sushant Singh Rajput has shown his actual, real face. How much those people of the world are afraid of the new talent. In 20 years, none other than John Abraham came as a big star in the industry. Nobody allows them to happen. Only Star Kids get work. Think about it. Rest in peace, Sushant ‘.

Salman Khan Accused Of Running a Camp

There has been a stir in Bollywood since the death of Sushant. Many manufacturers also accused of not giving outsiders work. Meanwhile, ‘Dabangg’ director Abhinav Singh Kashyap has also accused Salman of running a camp. After this, this post of Sahil also indicates Salman. After taking entry in Bollywood in 2001, Sahil has been a part of only seven films.