Saif Ali Khan Fell In Love With This Swiss Model Rosa Catalano

Saif Ali Khan Ex-Girlfriend Rosa Catalano

Saif Ali Khan fell in love at a very young age and got married to Amrita Singh, 12 years older than he was before he started his career. On the set of a film, Saif saw Amrita for the first time, kissed in the second meeting, and after a few further discussions, both of them decided to get married.

Saif Ali Khan

They both had two children who were named. Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Khan. But after a few years of marriage, the foundation of this relationship changed. Gradually it became so hollow that after 13 years, the two separated forever.

Already a name was attached to foreign beauty before the divorce.

Simultaneously, both of them were not divorced, but both of them had decided to separate. Then came the news that Saif Ali Khan is dating a foreign beauty and that she was Italian-born Swiss model Roja Catalano. Saif is said to have first met Roza in Kenya. Rosa was for a long project when Saif went there for some work. He met Rosa.

Later, Rosa also came to India, where the two often appeared together. In a party event, both were spots together. It was said in media reports that both of them had started living in live-in as well. However, both did not last too long, and after living together for almost two years, they decided to separate.

At the same time, in an interview given to the media, Roja said that she did not know that Saif was married, he had been divorced, and he had also become the father of two children. Because Saif Ali Khan never told him about it.

She came to know about this when she came to India. After the breakup from Roja, Saif got busy with films. She signed the Tashan film starring Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar. During this film, Saif lost heart to beauty like Kareena.