Salman Khan Asked For A Breakup With Asim Riaz And Warned

Salman Khan Asim Riaz

Bigg Boss 13: This week has been a lot of fun in Bigg Boss. But it is not going to pass without drama. Now the weekend wise number is also going to be quite dramatic. Weekend war anyway is special in the Bigg Boss show. On this day Salman Khan takes a class of people. This time it is the turn of Asim Riaz. Salman Khan said something new about Asim Riaz’s relationship with Himanshi Khurana.

Salman Khan Warned

Bigg Boss has released the promo of the stage to be aired on Sunday. In this, Salman Khan is going to talk big about Asim’s love life. It is showing that Salman saw talking to Himanshi Khurana with Amis. In the promo, Salman says, “The girl is not giving emotion and you are lagging behind.” You look so stupid Asim on Salman’s point, “Now what if I am in love, I don’t know what to do.”

After this Salman Khan talks about Asim’s girlfriend. Salman says, ‘You haven’t had a breakup with your girlfriend yet, is that right? On this, Asim talks about going out of the house and telling everyone. Salman further says that if he knows that he has not done a breakup, then he will tell Asim.

Significantly, earlier, Vikas Gupta had talked about having a girlfriend outside Asim’s house. After this, Asim’s brother Omar released the video and denied it completely. Omar had said that Asim is Singhal. Let us tell you that Asim Riaz has proposed Himanshi Khurana in the house. Since then, Salman has been continuously talking about Asim. At the same time, Himanshi has returned to Bigg Boss as a member of the house of present-day Asim.

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