Salman Khan Lashed Out On Shehnaz Gill For The First Time

Shehnaz Gill and Salman Khan

Salman Khan Is Going To Flare On Shehnaz Gill In Weekend War Today

The television reality shows Bigg Boss 13 is not even mentioning the ending of the drama. Salman Khan tries to handle the week-long fighting fights by the weekend. This week, Salman is going to take Shehnaz Gill’s class for the activities of the house. Salman has also warned Siddharth Shukla for Shehnaz Gill.

Salman Khan Lash On Shehnaz Gill

Recently a video of Weekend War has shared by Colors Channel. In this video, Salman was seen getting very angry at Shehnaz Gill. Salman Khan talks to Shehnaz on her attitude, to which she says, Sir, I don’t have to answer you either. Salman gets very angry on hearing this and shouts at him loudly.

Next Salman says, beheading, crying, washing, don’t do all these dramas in front of me. Seeing Salman in anger, Shehnaz Gill starts crying loudly and says, you have cheated me. In response to this, Salman said, I treat you here with great respect, treat me with respect.

Shehnaz cries about seeing Salman’s revenge and says that she does not want to live here. Salman said that he does not stay. Hearing this, Shehnaz goes childless and stands near the gate.

Further, Salman warns Siddharth Shukla in front of all the family members, saying, “You should stay away from this girl because she loves you.” Let me tell you that till now Salman Khan has been seen only joking with Shehnaz Gill. It has also seen many times when Salman explains to him very lovingly despite Shehnaz’s mistake. In such a situation, seeing this inflammatory form of Salman Khan is astonishing for everyone.

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