A Burglar Entered Salman Khan House, Was Caught and Fed Food

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Salman Khan had, on some occasions, revealed that a thief once entered his house. He was the first guest in Preity Zinta’s show ‘Up Close and Personal with PZ,’ which started in 2011. Salman Khan, a good friend of Preity Zinta, revealed that the thief had entered her house at midnight.

He told, ‘What happened one night at night that it was someone’s birthday at home, we fell asleep at around two o’clock. At night my eyes opened, so I gave a big shadow on the wall—a big man. I said, what is this, what is a ghost, So I tried to raise Arbaaz. When he saw Salman Khan, I put the finger on my mouth and indicated him to be silent. Then I noticed that something was wrong. Shifted the look a little, and saw a man like this, a normal man whose shadow was on the wall. So I said gently to Arbaaz, grab one, two, three more. So that thief turned out. I grabbed and tied. He was a little bit.

At Salman Khan House

Salman Khan further said, ‘Why is he who said, I am a thief who tried to steal for the first time, got caught. Then we did the entire check. So we asked who did this walkman wear, so he said, sir, wear yours. Then said withdraw money, at that time, we did not have money. Withdraw five rupees. The party was going on, the food was so much, though I would steal, I would eat and leave.

Then Salman Khan fed him to diet. The mother’s father got up and asked who is this. We said he is a thief. You are feeding the thief. Now the police had already been called. We have a pipe of water, not concrete, we have tied it to him. And the police van was coming from there. So we went upstairs, and we saw that he ran away.

Please tell that Salman Khan also told this story in the episode of Bigg Boss Marathi. He also said here that after three to four years, he had met me. Said, Baba, I came to steal that, you left after that I never cheat.