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Sayantani Ghosh Bigger Breast Size, Faced Body Shaming


Which person is left in the world who has not been a victim of body shaming to date? If seen, everyone has happened for some reason or the other. These things among ordinary people are not known, and if celebrities talk openly about it, then it is known. Celebs have millions of followers on social media. In such a situation, whatever he tells, his story always comes into the discussion among the audience.

Something similar happened with Sayantani Ghosh. In a recent interview, Sayantani Ghosh said that she had been a victim of body shaming many times in adolescence. She has been body-shamed a lot over her breast size in her teens. Sayantani Ghosh is known for popular TV shows ‘Naagin’ and ‘Sanjeevani’.

Sayantani Ghosh told the pain

Some time ago, Sayantani Ghosh had told that people message her on the phone and ask her to tell her breast size. In the interview, Sayantani Ghosh said that she has been listening to such comments of people since her teenage. In a conversation with Bollywood Bubble, Sayantani Ghosh said, “As far as I remember, I am facing such comments from teenage. I could not understand what was happening. Such things have left a mark on me.”


Sayantani Ghosh wrote a note on World Mental Health Day, in which she said that a person asked her the size of her breast. However, Sayantani gave a befitting reply to the person. Sayantani Ghosh believes that there are many such things in the world, on which we all should talk openly.

Any kind of body-shaming is wrong. I don’t understand why men are so fascinated with female breast size. What is the size A cup, B, C or D. If seen, it is not only among men, but I have seen talk among many girls as well? I don’t know what a strange disease people have.

Sayantani Ghosh finally wrote, “Everyone in the world is in the race for the human race. Everyone is struggling. Size does matter. Let’s have a big heart, which only has love, self-love, self-respect and others.” Have respect for Last year Sayantani Ghosh got married to their boyfriend. Both have been dating each other for the last eight years.

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