Shehnaz Gill Brutally Trolled For Laughing When Vishal Was Crying

Shehnaz Gill Troll

Shehnaz Gill, the most loved contestant of ‘ Bigg Boss 13’, is now going on the target of fans. His behavior with Siddharth first, then with Salman Khan being insolent … People are very angry with him because of Sana’s antics. Fans had not forgotten all these things yet that Shahnaz has again done some such thing, due to which people are getting very angry with him.

Shehnaz Gill Trolled

Actually, after the quarrel between Vishal and Madhurima, ‘Bigg Boss’ sentenced both of them to jail. Vishal and Madhurima’s video while going to jail is going viral in which Vishal saw crying a lot. Madhurima too is looking emotionally in jail. But the most surprising thing seen during this time is the behavior of Shehnaz Gill. It is clearly visible in the video when Vishal is crying inside the jail, Shehnaz is laughing out loud at him.

Shehnaz’s behavior is absolutely exasperating to the audience and he is trolling them fiercely. Some are telling Shehnaz Gill to be fake, and some are even asking them to slap. The audience is so angry with his favorite Shehnaz’s that he does not want to see them in the show itself. People are saying that Shehnaz does not desist from being on the show.

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Shehnaz Gill, The Most Loved Contestant Of Bigg Boss 13, Is Now Going On The Target Of Fans. Because Shehnaz Laughing When Vishal Was Crying.