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Salman Khan Announced Shehnaz Gill Eviction Siddharth Shukla Shocked

The teaser of today’s episode of Bigg Boss is on the alert. It seems that Salman Khan has announced the eviction of Shehnaz Gill. Salman Khan opens the door to get Shehnaz Gill out of Bigg Boss house. It sees in the video that Shehnaz Gill is crying a lot as soon as the announcement of the aviation. She is shedding tears in the embrace of Rashmi Desai and other members of the house. At the same time, Siddharth Shukla also got shocked on hearing about Shehnaz Gill Eviction. He sees standing alone, feeling sad and upset. On hearing the news of Shehnaz’s exit, not a word has come out of his mouth.

Shehnaz Gill Eviction Is So True

Punjabi’s Katrina Kaif Shehnaz Gill’s fans are not sure about this eviction. He believes that Salman Khan has announced Shehnaz’s eviction to add temper to the show. Shehnaz Gill is yet to leave the house. There is a lot of suspense on this evolution.

Actually, the sword of eviction is hanging on Vishal. It claimed in media reports that Vishal Aditya Singh, not Shehnaz Gill, is Evict. Shehnaz Gill Eviction is fake. After the Bigg Boss door opens, Salman Khan will secure Shehnaz Gill and will give news of Vishal’s homelessness. Today’s episode will reveal whether Shehnaz Gill is homeless or Vishal Aditya Singh. In fact, this week Shehnaz Gill, Vishal Aditya Singh and Siddharth Shukla nominated to go out of the house.

The Teaser For Today’s Episode Of Bigg Boss. It Is Seen That Salman Khan Has Announced Shehnaz Gill Eviction From The House. Is It True or Fake?

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