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Shekhar Suman Asked For CBI Investigation In Sushant Case

Now the demand for a CBI inquiry in the case of actor Sushant Singh Rajput suicide has intensified. After actress Roopa Ganguly, far actor Shekhar Suman has also raised this demand. Shekhar has also created a forum called #Justice for Sushant Forum for this.

Since the death of Sushant, Shekhar has been continuously questioning Bollywood through his Twitter account. In his tweet on June 22, Shekhar wrote, “All the lion of the film industry has become a rat, and has entered the bill with the havoc of the fans of Sushant. Masks have fall hypocrisy exposed. Bihar and India will not sit silently until the guilty punished. Bihar Zindabad.

Sushant Singh Rajput Must Have Left A Suicide Note

On June 23, he tweeted one after the other. In the first tweet, “It is clear, yet even if assuming that Sushant Singh had committed suicide, even though he was as strong-willed and intelligent, he would have left a suicide note.” Like many others, my heart also tells me that this matter is not as simple as it seems.

Let No One Else Have A Tragedy Like Sushant Singh Rajput

In his second tweet, he wrote, ‘Sushant was a Bihari, so Bihari Bhavna is at the forefront. But, I am not ignoring the fact that this matter is related to the concern of the people of all the states of India. A tragedy like Sushant should not happen to any other talented youngster who is trying to be on his own.

Forum Created To Demand CBI Inquiry

In the third tweet, he wrote, ‘I am making # Justice for Sushant Forum. Where I will request everyone to pressurize the government to start a CBI inquiry in Sushant’s death case, his voice would have to raised to expose such atrocities and gangs and mafias. I pray for your support. ‘

Do Not Let Your Anger Subside – Shekhar Suman

On Wednesday, in a tweet on Wednesday (June 24), Shekhar Suman wrote, “Don’t let your anger subside … Let the movement go on. We will not leave the culprits.” Even if we do not have to go to the end of the world for this. # Justice for Sushant Forum. ‘

In another tweet on Wednesday, he wrote, ‘Thank you for responding overwhelmingly to the # Justice for Sushant Forum … I am in the process of outlining its modalities and giving it a shape. Please do not lose hope and be patient. I assure you that we will try our best to bring his case to an end. ‘

Will Avenge Sushant Singh Rajput Death – Shekhar Suman

Earlier on June 19, Shekhar Suman wrote in a tweet, ‘He killed one Bihari, but we are all still alive. Do not forget this. Will be avenged Those who are guilty of this will punish. Bihar of the World Unite. ‘

There Are Some Demons In The Industry

In a tweet on June 16, Shekhar Suman wrote, ‘There are some demons in our film industry who are very dangerous and poisonous, mafia and they have always suppressed the dull, weak people who did not listen to them … The accident has also happened due to some reason.

In his other tweet done on the same day, he wrote, ‘Many more will be known now … There will be more wastage. Hearts will break, fights will happen. The world will destroy. Innocent people will be victims of greed. Strengths will suppress the weak. The weak will crush. We are going through a terrifying phase. ‘

An Online Petition Started For A Boycott

Earlier, a Facebook user named Jayashree Sharma Srikanth had begun an online petition to boycott nepotism for Sushant suicide. On which more than 16.85 lakh people had signed up in 24 hours. It launched on the Change.org platform. However, it later deleted by Facebook.

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