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Shooting of serial Molkki in Goa, Twist Will Come in The Story


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak in Maharashtra, the shooting of films and TV serials has been stopped for 15 days. In such a situation, the actors and crew members of the serial Molkki have gone to Goa for the shooting of the show. Molkki, actress Priyal Mahajan, told in an exclusive conversation with Spot News 18 how excited they are for Goa. In such a situation, will the show’s storyline be changed, and how will it be shooting at a different location? Priyal told us about this.

The shooting of serial Molkki in Goa

Priyal Mahajan said, “Finally, we are going to Goa for the shoot. We are all going to Goa. There is fear, but we are taking precautions while travelling. Yes, the show will be shot in Goa for a few days now, so we are very excited. Lockdown has been done in Mumbai. If the shooting is closed, we will go to Goa and shoot. But it is tough for everyone to leave their family.

He further said, “So many days stay away from home. But the actors and crew members of my show are also a family of mine, so that I will remain with the other family for a few days except one family. I think there will be fun along with the shoot. I am going with Amar, sir, the direction team, the creative team. ”


Will it be fun to do in Goa?

On how much fun will happen in Goa along with the shooting, Priyal says, “We have to remove the episodes, but if we are in a bubble in Goa, we cannot move out. Because we are going to work, we can’t shoot in Mumbai, so we go to Goa and shoot. We will take all precautions, but we will definitely have dinner together in the hotel where we stay, but we will not go outside the bio-bubble to roam anywhere. If we get some time after the shoot, we will chill the bus. ”

Will there be a change in the serial’s story?

Some changes will also be made to the storylines of the serial Molkki. Priyal said, “There will be changes in the storylines as well. We have to show that the Molkki has gone to Goa, then the storylines will also show that we are in Goa. I would only say that it is difficult for us to travel and shoot in such a way, but we also want to entertain our fans at home. Their entertainment should not stop. All I will say is stay safe and keep showering your love on us fans. “

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