Shruti Haasan Slam Celebs Who Celebrated Vacation In Maldives

Shruti Haasan Adviced To Celebs Going Maldives

In the country, many celebs of Bollywood and the TV industry came to the Maldives by celebrating vacations amidst the coronavirus epidemic, and still, many stars are in the Maldives. These celebs are also sharing pictures and videos of their Maldives vacation on social media, and these pictures and videos are also going viral on the Internet. But now, these celebs are starting to protest.

Shruti Haasan Slams

Visiting a place like Maldives and Goa amid the Coronavirus epidemic and doing photographs with it, the country’s veteran writer Shobhaa Dey first criticised it. Now actress Shruti Haasan has also expressed her displeasure while criticising these celebs. Not only this, but he has also advised these celebs.

In an interview with The Quint, Shruti Haasan expressed concern over the growing coronavirus epidemic in the country. Along with this, he has condemned Bollywood celebs to go on vacations to places like Maldives and Goa. She said that she does not want to judge anyone but to go on holiday in the pandemic spreading in the country, and such a sad environment is ‘insensitive’.

Enjoy under challenging times.

Shruti Haasan said, “I am happy that they have a holiday; they have the right to it. But I believe that this is not the time to go to the pool without a mask. Have fun on the beach. It is a difficult time for all of them, and some people have these challenging situations. ”

Do not show privilege.

Shruti Haasan further said, “I believe that you should be thankful to the people for the privileges you have and not to show the facilities to the people.” He also said that after the first wave of Corona was over, his friends and many people were planning casually, but they refused him. On their refusal, people used to call them insane as well.