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Sofia Hayat Asked Salman – When Will You Work With a Heroine of Your Age?

Actress and model Sofia Hayat have attacked Salman Khan regarding the film Radhe. He said that Salman Khan is making similar films whose audience is bored. So much so that Sophia asked Salman Khan why he does not do a movie with a heroine of his age. Sofia praised Randeep Hooda but said that Randeep did such a film to work with Salman.

Sofia Hayat wrote on Instagram, “Salman Khan uses the same tricks every time he releases his film. He removes his film on Eid, uses the religious festival as a professional day, makes a profit from a spiritual day. Every time they release the same clichéd story, they give a crappy look to the camera, like when a girl meets a boy in the story. (Always a younger model than you, isn’t it time to stare opposite your age) Cast.) He didn’t do just one thing; he forgot to be intelligent. His audience has become sane and mind-numbing with the same repeated story over and over again. While watching the trailer of Radhe, I felt that I would not watch it completely.


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Sofia further wrote, “It was sad to see Randeep Hooda. He is a good actor, and this kind of acting went for a bad role. Did he take up this role because he got a chance to work with Salman because it gave him credibility? This is the problem with the industry. Roles are taken for prestige. Imagine if Randeep said, “The character is badly written and cliched”. He might have been out of Bollywood. I decided not to come on stage in Bigg Boss final next to Salman because my morals and truthfulness are more robust than my ego.

He said, “The people of India are not stupid; they are bright and are getting smarter day by day. Salman Khan should understand this.

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