Sonu Nigam Warns Music Industry After Sushant Singh Rajput Suicides

Sonu Nigam Warns Music Industry on Sushant

Sonu Nigam: Bollywood is in turmoil after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput on 14 June. There are many speculations about why Sushant committed suicide. The dominating nepotism in Bollywood attributed to this. At the same time, the talk of camping also revealed.

It said that Sushant was shown a way out of 7 films, and it was made with other actors, after which Sushant came into depression, and he committed suicide. What is the truth, it will be known only in the investigation of the police. Still, in the meantime, Sonu Nigam has shared the video on Instagram and exposed the black truths of the music industry, warning that the music industry can also hear from the music industry further. Huh.

Sonu said, ‘The Biggest Mafia In The Movies Is In The Industry’

In a seven-and-a-half minute video, Sonu says- Good morning, Namaste. I did not vlog for a long time. I was not in the mood. India is going through many pressures. One after the departure of Mental and emotional stress, Sushant Singh Rajput. It is also natural to feel sad because it is not easy to see a young life going in front of you. There will be someone insulting who does not mind this thing.

‘Also what is going on between India and China. In which 20 soldiers of India, who after hours of fighting, have died yearning. I am an Indian more than you. I am a human being like you. I do not like both things. What is going on? Man is killing a man. These things can also handle wisely if a person wants to. India wants to, but the front is not ready or has a plan, which is sad for all people.

Sonu Nigam further said, ‘I want to request the music industry through this video because today Sushant Singh Rajput is dead. An actor is dead. Tomorrow you can hear the same about a singer or even about a music composer. Or listen to a songwriter because the atmosphere of the music industry in our country is, unfortunately, bigger than films in the mafia music industry. I can understand that people must do business. Everyone feels that they should rule the market. I was lucky to have come at a very young age, so I escaped from these clutches. But the path is not easy for new children who have come. ‘

Two Companies Rule The Music Industry

Sonu said, ‘I talk the most. How many boys and girls speak to me about this. They are children, they are worried that producers want to work, directors want to work, music composers want to work, but the music company will say that it is not our artist. I can understand that you guys are huge, you control the music industry as to what will happen on radio, in films. But don’t do this. Dua-bad dua is a huge thing. This is not right. This is the strength in the hands of two people. Not two people are just in the music industry; there are two companies. They have the power to decide who will sing, and who will not sing.

Sonu Nigam continued his talk and said, ‘I have gone out of all this, I am thrilled in my world. But I have seen the new singers, new composers, new songwriters in those eyes. They sometimes cry openly. If he dies, then you will also have questions. It may happen to me that my songs decide another actor. The same actor on whom people are lifting fingers these days, he is saying that do not sing songs from it. He has done the same with Arijit Singh.

Sonu Nigam Further Said These

Sonu further said, ‘How many songs I have sung which have dubbed. Think I did not ask for work from you, but you call me and sing songs to me and then dub my songs, what is this? I have been working in Mumbai since 1991 and in the music industry since 1989. When you can do this to me, what will you be doing with young children? You sing ten songs to a singer and then tell him to take you in the 11th song. If you are in my company, I will give you work. No matter how good you are, I will not do your job. This is not right. My time has passed, but new people have to face a lot.

Finally, Sonu Nigam said, ‘I am saying what I am seeing, some people will say that Sonu took my name. But I believe that creativity should not be in the hands of two people. If you all decide, how will music be good? Earlier music was so good. Raj Kapoor was different, OP Nayyar was different, and Shankar-Jai-Kishan was different. The variation of all was earlier. Now the music industry is shrinking. In the end, all you will say is that you people should be kind to them so that others do not commit suicide. Behave like a gay fraternity. Thank you. Bye. ‘