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Sonu Sood Will Send 10 Oxygen Generators to Indore Hospital


Corona cases are increasing rapidly across the country. Corona cases have crossed the 2 lakh mark across the country. In such a situation, the health system of many states has gone awry. In particular, there is a shortage of oxygen in the Indore of Madhya Pradesh. Now once again, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has extended a helping hand towards Indore. A video has also surfaced about Sonu.

Sonu Sood Will Send 10 Oxygen Generators

Sonu Sood said in the video, ‘I want to tell all the Indore people that you should take care of yourself. Yesterday I knew that the people of Indore are facing a lot of oxygen shortage. I am sending ten oxygen generators to Indore. I want to ask all people to support each other to come out of this epidemic. I am confident that if we support each other, then this problem will go away.

A tweet by Sonu is also becoming increasingly viral. In this, Sonu Sood is trying to open a hospital. People believe that now Sonu will also open a hospital soon. However, there is no explanation from the actor on this yet. Sonu wrote, ‘Big lesson of the epidemic. If you want to save the country, you have to build more hospitals.


People appreciate this move of Sonu Sood on social media. One user has called Sonu a real hero. Apart from this, many people have asked to make Sonu the Prime Minister. Well, this is not the first time Sonu has put forward a helping hand. Last year, Sonu went ahead and helped in sending the migrants home in lockdown.

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