Sonu Sood Distributes Food To 45 Thousand Daily Wage Workers

Sonu Sood Coronavirus

Sonu Sood: Things are getting worse around the world due to Coronavirus. A lockdown has been put in place to protect COVID-19 in India. In such a situation, the country has been fighting on two front lines. While everything closed to prevent the virus, on the other hand, due to this shutdown, many people have become financial problems.

Sonu Sood Distributes Food

There is also a problem of eating in front of the daily wage workers. In such a situation, Bollywood celebs are always helping people who do not have food. Another name has added to this list. Actor Sonu Sood has also announced the help of Daily Wage Workers.

After offering his hotel to Juhu, now Sonu Sood has talked about arranging food. According to news agency IANS, Sonu is starting the work of distributing food to the needy during the lockdown. This initiative has launched in the name of ‘Shakti Annadanam’. Sonu has named this entire initiative as his late father, Shakti Sagar. Sonu aims to feed more than 45,000 people daily in Mumbai.

Taking this initiative, Sonu Sood said, ‘We are all together in this difficult time against the Coronavirus. But many people do not have any food to eat once a day. There is a tough time for him. To help such people, I have started the initiative of distributing special food and ration in the name of my father, which is ‘Shakti Annadanam’. I hope that I can help more and more people. ‘

Significantly, recently Sonu Sood also talked about giving a hotel to help in the ongoing war against the Coronavirus. Apart from this, he is also spreading awareness among people through social media.