Sooryavanshi Trailer: Memes Are Going Viral After ‘Sooryavanshi’ Trailer

Sooryavanshi Trailer Launch

Sooryavanshi Trailer: Akshay Kumar is once again bringing an action film. He once again was seen doing great action. The trailer of his upcoming movie ‘Sooryavanshi ‘ has released. These are Rohit Shetty’s third film in the Cop Universe. Earlier ‘Singham’ and ‘Simba’ have come. Rohit Shetty has once again brought the action of his genre in ‘Sooryavanshi. ‘ Somewhere cars are flying, then somewhere heroes.

People are making Memes

In the trailer, all the three heroes of the film are making a blast. In this, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, and Ranveer Singh are liking the scenes fans of all three. Now people have started making memes about this trailer as well. In terms of memes, Ranveer Singh is heavy on everyone. Memes built on their dialogues. At the same time, the action of Rohit Shetty has also hit the social media users. He is also making her memes. Some users are even talking about the inclusion of Salman Khan’s character ‘Chulbul Pandey’ in Rohit Shetty Cop Universe.

Sooryavanshi Trailer

In the trailer, people like Akshay, Ajay, and Ranveer banged entry. At the same time, the trailer of ‘Sooryavanshi,’ released with light-hearted comedy and intense action, is also being liked by the fans. Akshay Kumar saw doing Rohit Shetty style action after a long time. He is doing wonders on the helicopter on one side and the other hand also on the ground.

What Is The Story Of The Film

It has shown in the film that after all the attacks in Mumbai. Terrorists are once again trying to do something similar. Sooryavanshi (Akshay Kumar) is the officer of Anti-Terrorism Scott. He gets intelligence inputs of terrorist attacks. After this, Sooryavanshi has embarked on this mission. He accompanied by Simba (Ranveer Singh) and Singham (Ajay Devgan). The film also stars Katrina Kaif, who will see playing the wife of Saryavanshi Kay.