After Ranu Mandal, Sunny Baba Became Bihar’s Internet Sensation

Sunny Baba Singing

Today most people are active on social media platforms. Social media today is a medium that makes anyone famous overnight. Ranu Mandal was similarly renowned in the year 2019. A video of Ranu Mandal singing on the railway platform went viral on social media. A video of her singing the song Kokila Lata Mangeshkar became so viral that she had become an internet sensation in no time. At the same time, he also got a chance to sing with Bollywood singer Himesh Reshammiya. After Ranu Mandal, now another person, Sunny Baba’s video, is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Sunny Baba of Bihar has also come on social media.

Sunny Baba Singing English Song

Like Ranu Mandal, Sunny Baba of Bihar remains in the discussion on social media because of his songs. Sunny runs daily bread by begging. But you would be surprised to know that he sings English songs. A user has shared a video of Sunny on Twitter. In this video, he first talks to Sunny in Hindi. Then Sunny himself asks him to ask us questions in English. Then those people speak to them all in English, and Sunny answers all questions quickly in English with full confidence.

Meanwhile, a boy asked him, “What do you do, Baba?” Sunny Baba responds in English and says, I beg. (I beg.) The man then asks what you eat at lunch and dinner. Sunny Baba answers this – What Almighty Gives Me I’m Happy with That Means (I am happy to do whatever God gives me.)

He then reveals that he is fond of singing and dancing. When the person asks them to sing something, Baba tells an old English song. They sing a song by 60s famous singer Jim Reeves. This video of Sunny Baba is going viral on social media. People are very fond of his English speaking style.