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What has Sunny Leone done now, which has created a stir on the internet?


Sunny Leone One Mic Stand: Sunny Leone is such a name that everyone’s attention will come towards you without extra effort if you speak with your mouth. Sunny, who is currently an actress and performer, was earlier also an actress and performer. The only difference is that earlier; she used to do porn films. Now she works in regular Bollywood cinema. Along with this, there is also a businesswoman.

But you already know how the structure of our people is. Since she used to do adult films, now people cannot see her in any other image. What should Sunny do now? Either bang your head on this thing. Or look at your future with pride. But Sunny did an even more incredible job. That is, he has converted every kind of behaviour that happens to him, every lewd remark that comes towards him, into comedy.

What has Sunny Leone done now?

Recently she appeared in Season 2 of Amazon Prime’s Celebrity Comic Show – One Mic Stand. So the concept of this series is that there is one standup comedian with each celebrity in it. Comedian teaches that celebrity to do comedy. It gets a comedy set ready, and then stars come on stage with their jokes.


Apart from Sunny, this season also featured journalist Fay D’Souza, writer Chetan Bhagat, director-producer Karan Johar and rapper Raftaar. But the rest are not essential to us at the moment. That’s why I’m not talking about them.

Amazon Prime Celebrity Comic Show Season 2

I will only talk about Sunny because this act of hers is beneficial for us girls. Amidst all this, it also teaches us that as much as it is necessary to be fearless against orthodox anti-woman thinking, it is equally important to laugh at it.


There are many issues behind this comedy show, which come to the fore. And with a laugh, we get to know how difficult it is to step into the world of adult films of our own free will. People always think that if a woman gets naked in front of the camera, she will be forced. But Sunny has made it clear in many consecutive interviews that her story is not sad.

In this act, Sunny points out how her alleged male fans send her nude pictures of her. Even send photos of your private parts. And since Sunny’s manager is her husband, she has to see the remote details of many men daily.

Sunny Leone One Mic Stand 2


Sunny tells another incident. He was supposed to have a show in Bangalore, but hundreds of people said that if this show happened, he would commit suicide because this show would harm his culture. Sunny also tells how the media makes sensational headlines in her name. And how everything they say is seen by connecting it to sex itself.

Apart from this, Sunny Leone has also washed away Bollywood. And also, those who feel that Sunny’s past is her fault and she has come to Bollywood to improve her image.

What did Sunny teach us?

This act of Sunny puts many things in front of us very quickly. like:

  1. A woman’s body is her own, and what she will do with it, she will decide.
  2. We unnecessarily impose morals on every woman. When we assume that a woman’s character or integrity will be determined by what she is wearing or the kind of films she is acting in, we treat her as a mere body rather than a thinking person. It would have been.
  3. A woman working in a porn film is also an ordinary woman. One who takes care of children spends good time with husband, buys vegetables, does business, does cooking, etcetera.

So definitely watch this small act, just because of the doors of the mind open. You will ask didi how much money did you take from the producer to promote it. Brother, everything is not for promotion. This is my genuine advice that you check it out. Because after watching this, you will get a new point of view about many things, about many stereotypes. Like we got.

Shubham Dubey
Shubham Dubey
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