Vidya Balan Making Modak Which Is Also Her Favorite Dish

Vidya Balan Cooking

The lockdown has become a treasure trove of many new experiences for Vidya Balan. She is more attached to her fans these days and is also telling them about her latest experiments. Now they have opened the secret that they do not know how to cook, and they are not even fond of it. She does not know precisely how to cook, but in the last few days, she has started trying to cook. In this sequence, he has also made his favorite thing. Vidya Balan loves Modak very much and has decided to make it at this house.

Vidya Balan Making Modaks

Well, these days many celebs are getting two to four from cooking. There are a large number of videos on social media in which you will see big celebrities cooking. The situation is such that it cannot avoid, the person who is in the house will have to cook. Now Vidya Balan has also revealed her cooking experience.

Vidya Balan has said, ‘I have always considered cooking to be a sign of being domestic, but discovery came in front of me in lockdown.’ By the way, you must have seen Vidya cooking in many films. She also sees making ‘Puris’ in the recently launched ‘Mission Mangal,’ and in ‘Tumhari Sulu,’ she was seen applying tiffin.

Recently Vidya Balan has made Modaks and said, ‘my first attempt is, the shape has moved a bit here and there.’ The way Vidya makes Modaks is not the way to make them, but the actress has tried to dress in her style. Watching her video, it seems that she is making Gujhiya, but then she gives it the form of Modak. Seeing this is a different experience.