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Complete Guide for Selecting The Best Business Attire for Men


Best Business Attire for Men: Wearing business attire is essential when you are at your workplace.  Whether it may be for your client meeting, a presentation in front of your boss, an interview, a conference or during your regular office days, it is essential to dress up in the proper business attire to make a good impression and have a formal look. It shows how much you care for your career and what kind of personality you have.

As your career progresses and you are promoted to upper levels, there will be frequent occasions where you will need to wear business shirts and attire.

It looks professional when you wear the proper attire.  And it also reciprocates that you are intelligent, ambitious, and career-focused, along with giving a perfect sign of your personality. Also, when you wear it, you feel more responsible for your work, your career and makes you a more sensible employee and person altogether.


The quality of your business attire should be best. It would help if you never compromised on that as it can give a terrible impression to your clients in meetings. It is not necessary that you need to spend heavily to look your best. You can get the best business attire at a low cost. You need to make sure that you put effort into getting every part of your attire in the best manner such that it looks attractive and professional.

Now, let’s have a look at the details of attire required for business purposes and meetings.

What do You Need to Have in Your Business Attire?

You can have a two-piece suit or a three-piece suit. A two-piece suit includes a jacket, a shirt and trousers. A three-piece suit consists of an additional item, i.e. a waistcoat underneath the jacket. Most people wear a two-piece suit for business meetings, interviews and conferences. You can wear a three-piece suit for a wedding or similar events, it is also suitable for business meetings, but people prefer it less over the two-piece suit.


Which Color to Choose for a Two-Piece Business Suit?

Navy blue, black, brown and grey are the most popular colour choices when it comes down to a two-piece business suit. Now, it’s entirely up to you which colour suits you the best and what your personal preference is. You need to choose a colour that suits well with any men’s shirt and ties.

What are the Other Things to Have?

You will require a shirt, shoes, tie and a few accessories.

A neat and clean shirt button-up collared shirt is required. You might be having this in your wardrobe. If it doesn’t match with the suit, buy a new one.


Talking about the colour of the shirt that you can go for: white is a perfect choice that will match your two-piece suit. Properly clean your shirt before you use it for the next occasion, iron it, and it will look perfect, matching up with your two-piece suit.

Now, you need to have a good tie. The tie is an essential element of your business attire, so you shouldn’t miss it. A tie matching with the colour of the two-suite will work the best. There are other options as well, you can go for different colours too, but you need to make sure that the colour combination looks good; otherwise, it may create a wrong impression before the clients and other business personnel.

There are many ways of wearing a tie; you can try the different ways in your meetings but make sure you are not going for the fancy ones meant for weddings.


The next critical element is shoes. A proper black or brown formal shoe is an excellent option to go for. Polish them well, and you are ready with your complete business attire. Make sure you don’t go with casual sneakers, sports shoes, or anything else that can ruin your whole dress.

There are a few accessories that you can try out, like watches, belts, and cufflinks. The belt is good to have; it will make your business attire look perfect. Even if you don’t need the belt, wear it to add value to your attire and make it complete. Having a classic watch will add style to your personality. Choose one that matches your overall dress, and it will look superb.

Some of you might not be aware of cufflinks so let us make you know about it. Cufflinks are jewellery items that you tie on the cuffs of your dress. Instead of connecting them with a button, you use a cufflink as it is very decorative so looks good on your attire. Various materials are used for cufflinks, such as stone, glass, leather, metal, etc. It looks nice when you use it with your business attire as it adds an elegant value to the overall look. Shining cufflinks look even more beautiful.


What are the Other Options Apart from a Two-Piece Suite?

A two-piece suit is a perfect option, but business casual attire is the option if you want to try out other things someday. You can wear a blazer, a shirt and heavy jeans with it. Don’t go for t-shirts or casual jeans. A big no for fancy blazers, sneakers and loafers. Shoes are a must. The aim is to maintain the dignity of the business meeting, so casual clothes should be chosen wisely.

Looking to Buy Business Shirts for Your Professional Attire?

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