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21 Year Old Lexie Byers Face Surgery Went Wrong, See What Happens


Lexie Byers: Often, many women resort to makeup or surgery to enhance the complexion and beauty of their faces. But sometimes, its consequences are dire. Even at a young age, some girls get such surgery done given their looks and attractiveness, after which they regret the decision for themselves.

Something similar happened with an American girl. The girl started worrying about the wrinkles on her face at an early age, so she used Botox. This did not add to the beauty of her face, but a strange change took place in her.

Lexie Byers Face Surgery Went Wrong

21-year-old Lexie Byers is a digital content creator. Recently, she has made a very shocking disclosure through a Tiktok video. Lexie has told people through a Tiktok video that she used Botox on her face. But after that, his face has become like a fish. She says that the gills have come out like fish as a change in his face. Lexie says she didn’t want to let wrinkles fall on her face.


So she decided to get his face surgery done. She says that someone told him that Botox surgery also relieves headaches greatly. Lexie said an offer was going on from where she bought Botox. Under which some botox free will be available on purchase on limited time. This proved to be Lexie’s biggest mistake.

I am now regretting the decision.

This girl bought Botox under the offer. However, she was also aware that she was young and would not need much Botox to undergo surgery. But when she saw that even after the surgery, 20 units were left, he got it used on his face. Leslie says that she was told that she could not save this Botox because if she shared it with anyone, it could react or get worse. Now Lexie is regretting her decision.

According to Lexie, the beautician who performed her surgery suggested she get Botox on the jawline and jawline. The beautician said that the teeth would stop colliding with this. But ever since Lexie got this surgery done, there has been a strange change on her face. When they clench their teeth, the jawline muscles twist like the gills of fish. After watching Lexie’s video, many people have also called the use of Botox dangerous.

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